The Apollux Solution


Apollux Sign Solutions started with an idea by veteran sign maker Sam Mancuso in 2006. Sam got his start more than 35 years ago working for his uncle's sign business in Houston, Texas. Always looking for ways to produce signs more efficiently, Sam's idea of a pan-in-pan structure made producing and installing signs more profitable. Apollux Sign Solutions was launched in 2016 to provide wholesale-only solutions to the sign industry by driving down both manufacturing and installation costs.

Though simple, this technology is unique enough to be covered under two patents: Patent #US 8,074,387 B2, #US 9,214,103 B2.

“The Apollux sign system opens up more business for sign companies because of one reason; the unique fabrication structure of the sign utilizes a hollow core, allowing more flexibility in design and installation. Two pressing issues for any sign company.” – Sam Mancuso.

Behind the Name

Apollux is a blending of the god of light, Apollo, and lux, the unit of measure for light.

Apollo, n., Gr., the ancient Greek and Roman god of light and beauty, who made the sun rise each morning by leading it with his chariot

Lux, n., Latin, 1. light 2. a unit of illumination