The Apollux Edge

Why Apollux?

With Apollux Sign Solutions, your company can tackle big jobs with efficiency and ease. Because we are wholesale only, we won't sell to your customer. We are here to support your business, not get in the middle of it.

Benefits of Apollux Sign Solutions:

• Easy to install
• Lightweight yet durable enough for all environments
• Substrate has a hollow core, allowing for unique designs and lighting
• Saves YOU in labor costs

Apollux manufactures modular signs composed of box-like components. Each sign may be one- or two-sided and can be used in landscape or portrait orientations. The faces are completely seamless with no fasteners, providing a clean, flat surface perfect for vinyl lettering, complete wraps, raised or push through letters and cut-outs. The unique box-like design is easily adaptable for lighting with LED's or fluorescents. Custom sizes and shapes are also available.

Apollux also has strategic partnerships with sign manufacturers who can customize your sign, handle permitting, and perform installations.

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Apollux Sign Solutions patented design will save you money over the traditional industry fabrication methods. How is this possible?