Sign Blanks Made Simple

What started out as a pursuit for simplicity by veteran sign manufacturer, Sam Mancuso, has grown into a patented sign technology now revolutionizing the industry. Apollux Sign Solutions operates on the belief that the entire signage process should be efficient and easy—from the utilization of raw materials to the final installation. Our patented process allows for the streamlined and cost-effective creation of sign blanks, saving sign manufacturers and installers time and money.

That brings us to the Apollux advantage. While there are many reasons our product outperforms the rest, one of the biggest reasons is our ease of installation. Apollux manufactures modular signs composed of box-like components. Each sign may be one- or two-sided and can be used in landscape or portrait orientations. The faces are completely seamless with no fasteners, providing a clean, flat surface perfect for vinyl lettering, complete wraps, raised or push through letters and cut-outs. The unique box-like design is easily adaptable for lighting with LED’s or fluorescents. Custom sizes and shapes are also available. No matter the sign, our patented 3-step process remains the same.

How does this apply to sign manufacturers? Once a sign size is specified the sign blank is shipped off to the customer, it can be installed in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional sign fabrication and methods. Wondering how? The front and back of the sign easily fasten together. Screws are placed on either side, as well as the top. Your sign is then completely assembled!

Gain back more of your time with Apollux Sign Solutions. Give us a call today to see how we can support your sign business.


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